Mind Body Healing

Change. It's the one constant that you can rely on. Making positive and effective change in life is not always, however, so easy. What stands in your way of connecting to the joy of life? Daily routine, stress, pain, injury, addiction, a general  disconnect? Finding your way back into the body with helpful and healthy thoughts is a challenge. Let me help you find what connects YOU back to YOU.

I'm here to help you discover tools to
  1. Reduce stress
  2. Find pathways for better movement patterns that that boost strength, coordination, balance and flexibility.
  3. Reshape your daily habits
  4. Have fun
  5. Find peace of mind
The Journey follows:
1) Assessing your needs
2) Personalizing a plan of action
3) Partnering to do the work.

Let's chat and find just the right program for YOU!

Reach out - come on - Do it! xxx

Movement Classes in ZoomRoom all EST
Monday 8am Yoga Flow
Thursday 8am Fitness Fun
Friday 7.30am Yoga for Dew Yoga
$10 per class Paypal/Venmo


"Her classes are a remarkable combination of spontaneous creativity and thoughtful structure. She has a way of embracing and encouraging each and every person in the room (by name!) – from struggling beginners to more practiced regulars. While putting us through the paces, she shares with us interesting nuggets from her great knowledge of the physiology of movement, delivered with a dose of English humor. I never fail to leave her class feeling better – more flexible, more energetic and more balanced. Just as importantly, I leave just a little bit better off for spending time in the glow of her warm, generous spirit..” — Clif, CT, USA
“A lot that I learned at the “De Gasquet Institute” is similar but Victoria’s style is so much impactful, with lots of great exercises and super creative ideas! … I’m touched in my heart!" - Sabine, Yoga Teacher, France
"Viki is a FABULOUS presenter! It gave me a great new appreciation for my own pelvis………just that awareness is so valuable to learning how we access movement in that area."
Jill, Yoga Teacher, Michigan US


....and you can find out what's happening for the coming week. Plus some tidbits that might make daily life a bit juicier and more fun!  And....I'll zip you along a relaxing audio meditation to connect and soothe body and mind.