Stretch Coaching

A flexible body
- improves posture
- is essential for healthy joints and muscles
- reduces risk of injury
- reduces stress
- feels GOOD!

If you sit a lot and if you aren't naturally flexible going to yoga classes or following a series of stretches probably reinforces that feeling of tightness and limitation. Often little progress gets made, even over longer periods of time. 

A personalized stretching program makes stretching feel great with fast progress and with lasting change. Did you know there are a number of different kinds of stretching? Static, pulsing, dynamic stretching, ballistic stretching and PNF. Each has its benefits. With assisted PNF stretching I help you to tap into  your primitive muscle reflexes to maximize effectiveness of your stretching. With guided mental focus and imagery (DNI - Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery) we integrate mind and body for truly effective results.

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