“Relevant, superbly presented. Clear, concise information. Wonderful humor, Ahimsa, great imaginative visualizations.”

“Viki is an awesome presenter and very informative. I just loved her!! :)”

” Loved the humor! Loved the up and down physical practice! Made everything we were learning stick more. Thank you Viki!”
“Viki- Not a moment too soon! I think I can begin to work with my pelvic floor. ”

“FANTASTIC info and presentation. The tools you created and used to teach very complex info WERE GENIOUS! Now I have so much info to use as I move forward on my on-going journey to pelvic floor health.”

“It was a really interesting education on the pelvic floor and conditions that can be associated with dysfunctional states. Her props were great! Her enthusiasm was contagious!

Viki Boyko