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Hi, I'm Viki!

I love to move. It's quite simple. When you enjoy moving, you're more likely to move. As we get older quality becomes more important then quantity and if daily movement is enriched with curiosity and creativity we do it more readily and with more FUN!
How would it be if you felt ~

  •  enjoyment in daily movement
  •  confident in the safety and effectiveness of your  exercise program
  • clearer in your understanding of how your body works
  • able to set and manage goals for your improvement

I want to help YOU get INTERESTED in that and learn to use your brain and body to make good long term health choices. Make every day 'movealicious' for quality life till you are 120!*
*No guarantee past this date. ;)

Here's a bit about me. I'm an expat Brit living in Shelton, Connecticut in the US and I keep the connections global, both in person and via good old Zoom! I love to work one on one, personalizing health and wellness to your needs. 

I know what it feels like to get stuck in a rut in the body. After years of working at a computer, developing aches and pains and needing cataract surgery in my 40s, I knew it was time to make a change. Yoga, which  had been a part of my life since childhood, beamed brightly as way I could shine my light and bring healing to myself and others. It has such great benefits - breath awareness, strength, flexibility, stress relief, community and spirituality.  Even doctors recommend it nowadays. Yet, despite many hours of yoga training and practice there were still things that didn't feel right about how we align the body in a physical practice. New grooves of discomfort formed. By learning more about mind body connections and movement, I began to understand 'Somatic' awareness and how I could convey that to others. Your 'Soma' is you sensing yourself. Rather than counting on the exercise itself to solve the problem, we get a better understanding, focus and experience of the body to create the change that we wish to see. It's hard to make changes to things we aren't aware of. I'd like to help you in the journey of self-discovery and break through to the areas that matter the most in your life.

Viki Boyko
Franklin Method Educator Level 3, E RYT 500 Yoga Teacher, Yoga Vista TV Presenter, Chair Yoga teacher for Seniors, Wheelchair Yoga, Hanna Somatics, Pelvic Floor Health Coach, Stretch Coach, Core Strength Vinyasa Master Trainer, Sit to be Fit teacher, Access Consciousness.

Movement Class Schedule on Zoom.
Time Zone is EST. Zoom ID: 440 275 9835

Monday at 8am Yoga Flow
Thursday at 8am Fitness Fun with Balls and Bands
Friday at 7.30am Yoga Flow

Drop in $10 per class. or Venmo Victoria-Boyko-3


Reach out. I'm here.

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  • Pelvic Floor Health
  • Yoga
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  • Anatomy Training
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"Her classes are a remarkable combination of spontaneous creativity and thoughtful structure. She has a way of embracing and encouraging each and every person in the room (by name!) – from struggling beginners to more practiced regulars. ... I never fail to leave her class feeling better – more flexible, more energetic and more balanced. Just as importantly, I leave just a little bit better off for spending time in the glow of her warm, generous spirit..”
Clif, CT, USA
"Viki is a FABULOUS presenter! It gave me a great new appreciation for my own pelvis………just that awareness is so valuable to learning how we access movement in that area."
Jill, yoga teacher, Michigan US
“A lot that I learned at the “De Gasquet Institute” is similar but Victoria’s style is so much impactful, with lots of great exercises and super creative ideas! … I’m touched in my heart !"
Sabine, yoga teacher, France


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